Amazon Web Services#

We use Amazon Web Services for compute and storage.

Batch computing with Cloudknot#

We use Cloudknot for batch computing. Use of CK requires additional permissions, so you will have to ask an administrator to provide these permissions, before you can run anything.

Always use spot instances with several retries.

“Cold” storage in Glacier#

When a dataset is not routinely accessed, it should be moved to cold storage in Glacier

Moving an entire bucket to AWS can be done using a recursive self-copy with change of storage class:

aws s3 cp s3://<bucket-name>/ s3://<bucket-name>/ --recursive --storage-class GLACIER

On the other hand, moving data out of Glacier is a bit trickier, requiring either use of the s3cmd tool:

s3cmd restore --recursive s3://mybucketname/folder/ --restore-days=NUM --restore-priority=bulk

(see here) or slightly more elaborate use of the aws CLI:

aws s3 ls s3://<bucket_name> | awk '{print $4}' | xargs -L 1 aws s3api restore-object --restore-request Days=<days> --bucket <bucket_name> --key