General information#

This section includes general information about the NRDG.


Our offices are located on the 5th floor of Kincaid Hall, within the Center for Human Neuroscience. You can find Ariel’s office in room 527b, and there is a room with four desks adjacent to that (527) that folks can use. There are other rooms with desks throughout the CHN space, and folks can choose to have their desk in one of these other spaces, based on availability.

Working hours#

I it is well understood that different people have different needs and get their work done at different times and under different conditions, based on their own constraints. Much of our work can be done in asynchronous manner, allowing different people to choose the times of day/week during which they will get their work done.

That said, overall objectives and specific goals and deadlines should be revisited on a regular basis and should be adjusted based on mutual agreement. This should help folks make progress towards their goals, and also prevent people from spinning their wheels.


Everyone is expected to attend weekly group meetings and weekly journal clubs / code reviews (and to lead these on a regular basis). In addition, a weekly one-on-one meeting with Ariel is required to discuss progress on projects and work together. Currently, these meetings take place through zoom.