fracridge : fractional ridge regression

Ridge regression (RR) is a regularization technique that penalizes the L2-norm of the coefficients in linear regression. One of the challenges of using RR is the need to set a hyperparameter (α) that controls the amount of regularization. Cross-validation is typically used to select the best α from a set of candidates. However, efficient and appropriate selection of α can be challenging, particularly where large amounts of data are analyzed. Because the selected α depends on the scale of the data and predictors, it is also not straightforwardly interpretable.

Here, we reparameterize RR in terms of the ratio γ between the L2-norms of the regularized and unregularized coefficients.

This approach, called fractional RR (FRR), has several benefits: the solutions obtained for different γ are guaranteed to vary, guarding against wasted calculations, and automatically span the relevant range of regularization, avoiding the need for arduous manual exploration.

In a companion article, we show that the proposed method is fast and scalable for large-scale data problems, and delivers results that are straightforward to interpret and compare across models and datasets.

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